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Sea Speed Designs specilize in the design of Aluminium Catamaran. Sea Speed have over 150 proven catamaran designs to choose from. We can supply the designs, kits (CKD), and project support to ensure your new-build vessel is a success. You can choose one of the below designs for your new vessel or we can start from scratch. Designs can meet Australian local codes such as 'NSCV' or Internationally, such as Lloyds Register, BV, ABS, CCS, USCG.

Please note: All of these images below will expand if you click on them. Please also click on the text below the photo's for links to web pages and videos.


Past Catamaran Vessel Designs:   (See Recent Designs for new ones)

 High Speed Ocean Going CatamaranSea Cat 42 passenger catamaran designSea Cat 36 passenger catamaran design

      45 Metre Ocean Cruiser            42m/400 pax Ferry                    36m/400 pax Ferry

34m Ocean Cruiser Catamaran

34 Metre Ocean Cruiser



Second 33m Aluminium Seacat Design

33m/280 pax/28 knot Ferry      video camera, vcr icon Video

32m Passenger Ferry Catamaran


33m high speed aluminium passenger catamaran, 28 knot 250 Pax

32m High Speed Ocean Catamaran Design

32 Metre High Speed Ocean Cruiser

34m Ocean Cruiser Catamaran Design

Vinashin Rose 30 Metre, 230 Pax, 32 Knots

28m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design

28 m, 27 knot , 230 pax ferry 2 x 1080 hp MTU video camera, vcr iconVideo

30m Ocean Research Catamaran Design


30m Ocean Crew Boat 2 x 1350 hp 16 knot cruise

26m Crew Boat Catamaran Design


26m/100 pax Crew Boat 2 x 1080hp 25 knot cruise

25m Passenger Ferry Catamaran


25m/200 pax ferry 2 x 1200hp 30 knot cruise

24m Sydney Cruise Boat Design

24 Metre Harbor Cruiser

video camera, vcr iconVirtual Tour







"C Quest" - 24 M Dive Catamaran, 2 x 495kw/25 knot

25M/280 Pax Offshore Ferry 27 Knot, 2 X MTU 970 HP

22m Dive Charter Catamaran


24 metre Aluminium Passenger Catamaran launched in April 2003

23.5m Dive Charter Catamaran Design

23.5 m dive/passenger vessel 2 x 650 hp MTU Cruise 24 knots more...

23m/30 knot Tourists Vessel

video camera, vcr iconVideo

23m/100 pax 2x 1200hp 36 knot   video camera, vcr iconVideo

24m Passenger Ferry Catamaran


24m/150pax Ferry 2 x 680 hp 23 knot cruise

24m Resort Catamaran Design


24m/140pax VIP Resort Cat 2 x 1080hp 26 knot cruise

24m Day Dive Boat Design


24 m Dive Boat Poseidon 111 see more...     video camera, vcr iconVideo

22m Cruiser Catamaran Design Design


22m/120 pax VIP Cruiser 20 knot, cruise more... video camera, vcr iconVideo

22m Dive Charter Catamaran Design


22m/65 pax Dive Boat 2 x 510hp. 25 knot cruise

22m Dive Charter Catamaran Design


24m/220 Pax Low Wash Ferry 2 x 510hp, 26 knot.

20m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design

"Centurion" 21m/140pax/22 knot Ferry   video camera, vcr icon Video

Hinchinbrook Ferry Design

20m Passenger Ferry 2 x 400hp 20 knot cruise

20m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design


20m/100pax Ferry 2 x 420hp 21 knot cruise

20m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design


20m/120 pax Ferry 2 x 310 hp 20 knot cruise 

20m Cruise Boat Catamaran Design


20m/120 pax Ferry 2 x 480hp 22 knot cruise

18 M Crew Boat Catamaran Design


Four 18 metre Crew Boats 2 x 680hp 27 knot cruise

17m Dive Charter Catamaran Design


"AristocatIII" 17m Dive Boat 2 x 600hp 23 knot cruise more photos

21 M High Speed Passenger Catamaran Design

21m High Speed Passenger Cat 2 x 680 hp/27 knot

20m Passenger Ferry Catamaran Design

"Silver Spirit" 20m/220 pax Ferry 2 x 480hp 22 knot cruise more photos

18m Island Transfer Catamaran Design

Sun Experience18 M Passenger Cat 80 Pax 24 Knot

16m Whale Watch Boat Design

True Blue 16M Whale Watcher 65 pax 2 X Cummins 580 H.P. 25 Knot.

17m Whale Watching Catamaran Design

17 m Whale Watch 85 pax, 2 x 340 hp Cummings top speed 26knots more...

12m Crew Boat Catamaran Design


14.4 Metre Crew Boat 32 Pax 2 x 500hp 25 knot top

12m Charter Fishing Catamaran  Design


12m/25 pax Ferry 2 x 300hp 22 knot cruise

12m Long Range Cruiser Catamaran  Design


12m Long Range Cruiser 2 x 230hp 20 knot top speed

12m Crew Boat Catamaran Design


13 Metre Crew Boat 25 Pax 2 x 480hp Doen Jets 25 knot top

12m Charter Fishing Catamaran  Design


12m/30 pax Ferry 4 x 250hp outboard 40 knot top

video camera, vcr icon Videovideo camera, vcr icon Video




6 Metre Aluminium Catamaran Design

6.1 Metre high performance cat powered by two 130 Hp Yamahas with a top speed of 36 knots





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