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Sea Speed Design can design and build Motor Yachts to suit owner requirements.  We specialise in Aluminium Catamarans and have a large range of proven hulls from 10M to over 42Metres.

 High Speed Ocean Catamaran Design


Sea Speed Motor Yachts Catamarans

Sea Speed offers a range of motor yacht catamaran designs below are some examples:


Sea Cat 74' ocean going expedition motor yacht


This new 22.2 metre High Speed ocean going expedition catamaran design is currently under construction at Sea Cat SHips in Thailand. Click here for more detail



Sea Cat 32 Ocean Going Motor Yacht design32m High Speed Ocean Going Motor Yacht Catamaran

This 32 metre High Speed ocean going catamaran design is suited for top speeds of over 30 knots. The hull is a proven Seacat and is very economical and has a high wing clearance and deep vee hulls suitable for international offshore cruising.



      GA study Plan Of The 32m Motor Yacht Catamaran

The General Arrangement Plan of the 32 meter vessel shows a typical interior layout and can be customised by our local specialist in accordance with the owners requirements and specifications.



Hull Tank Testing Of The 32m Catamaran

Hull tank testing of the 32 meter at the Australian Maritime College in Tasmania at speeds from 10 - 32 knots.




Sea Cat 50 Ocean Going Motor Yacht design

GA plan of 50m motor yacht catamaran

General layout plan for a 50 metre High-Speed Aluminium Motor Yacht Catamaran. (One of many plans which are available for inspection from Sea Speed.)





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Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd. P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone Int 668 04406355



































Contact Information

Sea Speed Pty Ltd.

P.O. BOX 773 Aspley 4034, Brisbane Australia

Phone +61 7 3862 9988

Fax +61 7 3862 9488

Mobile Paul 0417 770 769

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