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New 16.2M Power Cat Design

Pearl of Siam

Construction is now complete on our new 16.5 metre Design, at SeaCat Ships in Thailand. The aluminium catamaran is suitable as a Tour or Dive Boat or Ferry. Click Here for more info


One of our latest designs is this 22.5 metre Cruising Catamaran which is now complete at Sea Cat Ships in Thailand. She is destined to travel the world as a private cruising catamaran and is built to Australian Survey to enable her to be operated as a charter boat in the future. Click here for more detail



Kalibobo express

New 22 metre Offshore Ferry design for an Australian client is now complete. This is a new design using the latest in design and construction technology. Very economical to purchase and operate. Click here for more detail


T5 has re-fit

Ultimate Dave Dive Boat

Reef Explorer (Formally Tusa 5) has just completed a refit, she looks great and is ready for another 15 years service. Operating as a purpose designed scuba/snorkel dive boat on the great barrier reef for her life.more info


New 16M Power Cat Design16M Power Cat Charter Boat

Construction is now complete on our new 16 metre Design, at SeaCat Ships in Thailand. The aluminium catamaran is suitable as a Tour or Dive Boat or Ferry. Click Here for more info

8.8M LANDING  CRAFT (Bargass 5 & Bargass 6)

8.8M high speed landing craft design (No 5) was delivered to Cambodia to service as a resort tender Click here for detail

The next sisterboat (No 6) was fitted with twin 200 H.P. Suzuki outboards for speeds of over 35 Knots. Sisterboat


200 passenger ferry

Construction is now complete at our sister company SeaCat Ships. The sea trials went really well and soon she has been delivered to the West Coast of Africa where she operates as a coastal ferry. Click here for detail

8.5 M Cat Design 'Surf Cat 850'

Sea Speed Design's new 8.5M high speed catamaran design is an amazing success.   Click here for detail   

8.8Metre Aluminium Landing Craft Design

Landing Craft LogerheadAluminium landing Craft

Two units of Sea Speed Design's new 8.8M Landing Craft designs are now complete. They are based on the standard Bargass 8.8M design with these stylish versions are going into service as day tour boats in Australia.   Click here for detail   

29M High Speed Catamaran Design, launched

29M ferry design 3D

Sea Speed Design's new 29 Metre aluminium catamaran design has been launched and looks great. She will soon commence operations in the Caribbean as a coastal inter-island ferry for up to 300 passengers.   Click here for detail   VIDEO


Party Pig Landing CraftParty Big Barge

Seaspeed Design is proud to announce the completion of the second Aluminium Landing craft (LCB) built from one of our Kits! Named the "Platinum Party Big" she has commenced work as a support boat for a fleet of VIP charter boats out of Pattaya Thailand. Going ahead of time to set up the beach party and support services. Click here for detail

NEW SEA CAT 26 "CALYPSO 12" Design

Launched early November 2017 is the new 26 Metre "Sea-Cat" dive boat for Calypso Reef Charters Australia. Great performance from relatively small engines. Click here for detail

26M Dive Catamaran "Aqua Quest" Design

Aqua Quest Dive BoatAqua Quest Dive Deck

Completed in July 2017, this Award Winning 26 Metre "Sea-Cat" dive boat design, drove from Pattaya in Thailand to It's new home in Cairns, Australia. Owner says she is the 'best yet'. Click here for detail

Award winning design WBW Best Dive Boat 2016

SeaSpeed Designs is proud to announce that we are the winners of The 2016 WBW 'Best Dive Boat' Award. The 2017 version of this award winning vessel is currently being built at SeaCat Ships Click here for detail


New 21M ferry design for Stradbroke Flyer

Sea Speed Designs Co Ltd has been commissioned to design this new 150 passenger / 21 Metre aluminium Catamaran Ferry. The vessel is just launched and currently being completed in Brisbane, Australia for local operator Straddy Ferries. This hull is based on the proven Calypso 20 hull with guaranteed high performance and fuel consumption.   Click here for detail


  New 12M Out-Board Catamaran Design


The latest 12M aluminium outboard catamaran design is now operational in Port Douglas on the Great Barrier Reef. She was built in Brisbane by Commercial Marine Australia. The hull is the "Wide Body" version giving lots of space for a 12M Cat. 2 x 350h.p. Mercury gives a top speed of 27 Knots. The complete design and kit file was supplied and the build time was a very short 12 weeks. Click for more


'Bargass 880' Aluminium Kit Design Landing Craft

“Bargass 880”. 8.8 Metre High Speed Aluminium landing Craft. The design has been approved for Australian commercial vessel standards NSCV Class 2C and 1D and the first model has recently been launched with great results.  Top speed with a light load of 26-27 knots with single Suzuki 200 H.P. Out board. Portable seating for up to 40 passengers the landing craft can also accommodate a 4 wheel drive, mini buss or pick-up truck or pallets of goods. Click for more


'SeaCat 26'M Dive Boat/Ferry Design.

Reef Quest 111 launchReefquest 3 after beach launch Delivered January 2016 to Cairns Australia this Award Winning 26 Metre "Sea-Cat" dive boat design did the sea delivery on her own hull from Pattaya in Thailand to Cairns in 12 days. Nice clean lines with conventional bows. Click here for detail


18M Whale Watcher Design

vicki birgan at Ocean marina

The new 18M Whale Watcher has been delivered. Special operational requirements such as low air-draft for passing under low bridges of "Surfers Paradise" and low draft for the shallow water. Then coastal operations with up to 130 passengers viewing whales off the Gold Coast in Australian Coast. The vessel will be powered by twin CAT 500 H.P. engines and features underwater viewing windows.  Click here for more detail


 40M Crew Boat/Windfarm Catamaran.


The 40 Metre high-speed Crew Transfer Catamaran is currently being developed "in house". Click here for detail


 23M Overnight Cruise Cat for N.Z.

The latest design currently underway by our sister company is the 23 Metre Overnight Cruising Catamaran by for N.Z. The construction has commenced at Challenge Marine in the South Island of New Zealand and completion is due by the end of 2015. She shall accommodate up to 28 passengers on 3 to 5 day VIP cruises with provision for up to 50 passengers for day trips. For more details click here.


Another 12M Glass Bottom Boat (40 pax)

12M Glass Bottom Boat Design Kit12 m Aluminium Glass Bottom Boat Kit Design

The latest version of the 12 metre Coral Viewer was launched. This design and complete KIT (Option 3) was supplied from Australia and built in the Panang, Malaysia for a Langkawi operator.    Click here for more on this coral viewer


New “Sea Speed Designs” office in Asia

A new design office has been created in Asia to facilitate the growing commercial design needs in the ASEAN region. Sea Speed Designs Co.,Ltd. is a BOI approved 100% Australian owned company. The company has received Thai Government BOI (Board of Investment) approval and receives the privileges of import and export duty free, tax incentives, etc, etc. Australian based Sea Speed Design P/L will continue to operate as usual.


New 24M Catamaran Design. Great Result !!!

This 24 Metre Sea-Cat design is the 20th different 24 Metre Cat designed by Sea Speed and is the best performing hull to date. Powered by twin MTU 12 V 2000M72 (965hp) she has a top speed of 30 knots, although operating speed will be limited to 25 knots @ 70% load for Australian operational purposes.    Click here for detail


Smart 21M Catamaran Tour/Dive Boat

21Metre High speed aluminium dive boat21Metre High speed dive Catamaran Calypso Blue

This smart new 21metre High Speed Aluminium Catamaran shows amazing performance at recent sea trials. Another stylish vessel built by Australian Thai Team to NSCV Class 1C standard with Aluminium Structure to Lloyds Register SSC Code. We supplied the design and all computer cut aluminium. Click here to see more


Second 18 Metre "Fastcat" Design

The second  18m Fast Cat has been launched with great results. Built by Aust Thai Team this high speed aluminium catamaran cruises at 30 Knots (80% MCR) and handles the seas with ease. Sea Speed Design has supplied the extensive design and kit formatting services. Click here to see more about these boat


20M Dive Boat cuts through the water

Launched Aug 2013 was our new "Seacat 20" design. This is the latest generation of the seacat hull and compares well with the first Seacat 20 launched 1997. The speed of 27-28 knots with a light load and 24.9 knots full load operation speed was easily reached. Fuel consumption is amazing with 23-24knots cruising speed at 100ltrs/hr each engine and super economy speed of 20 knots at 75 ltrs/hr). Click here to read more



    See Video1  Video2

We are proud to announce the launch of our new 17 Metre Wind Farm Catamaran Design. The design and kit combination was prepared in accordance with the MCA criteria with Hull and Engineering to Lloyds SSC standard for offshore operations, enabling operation in most countries. The design is based on the Sea Speed “Deep-Sea cat” hull which is proven in large seas and features high wing clearance, deep vee hull forms and extra strong structure and plating. This version also features walk around sides, large forward and aft’ work decks, spacious day cabin and below hull berthing for six crew. Large fuel capacity matched with fuel efficient hulls give extended range and fuel bunkering capabilities. Overall we feel the ideal crew boat / workboat suitable for a range of operational services.      Click here to see You Tube video            Please click here for further information about this design

FIRST 18 Metre "Fastcat" Design launched

The first of the 2 x 18m Fast Cats has been delivered. These high speed catamarans are being finished to an extremely high standard of finish with Alwgrip full fair and paint at Aust Thai Team. This is complemented with state of the art engineering systems such as twin MTU V8's and fuel polishing systems. Sea Speed design has supplied the extensive design and kit formatting services to enable work to flow smoothly during the building process. Click here to see more about this boat

"Glass Bottom Boat"

12 m Coral Viewer Glass Bottom Boat

The second aluminium 12 metre Coral Viewer was launched Feb 2013. This design and complete KIT (Option 3) was supplied and then built in the middle east for local operations Great little tourist vessel where you can appreciate the beauties of the reef and fishes without getting your feet wet.    Click here for more on this glass bottom boat.


Two new 14M Crew Boat Cat's

Two of this great new Sea Speed design “high-speed crew transfer Cat's" have been launched in Pattaya, Thailand by the Aust Thai Team. Initial trials show excellent performance in speed, fuel burn and load carrying, A lot to be bundled up into a relatively small package of 14.4Metre. A comfortable 25 knot loaded speed, the cat’s carry 34 passengers in air-conditioned comfort and 5 pallets of cargo on the aft’ deck. The sea-keeping is expected to be typical of the Sea Speed Design Seacat hulls and this matched with the extremely strong structural arrangement and exceptional workmanship and welding will ensure an extended, problem free operations for the vessel in Cape Preston, Western Australia where they will go into work for the recourses industry.. Click here for more information.

Second "Quad Cat 121" 40 Knot +



The latest Sea Speed "Quad Cat" has just been launched by Aust Thai Team and has a top speed of 40 knots and is powered by four (4) Suzuki 250 H.P. outboards. The ride in choppy seas is remarkable and Sea Speed is now looking into the Quad 300 h.p. and 350 h.p. versions for the patrol boat market. Click here for more information.


"Quad Cat 122" New Design Launched



The new Sea Speed "Quad Cat" is powered by four (4) Suzuki 250 H.P. outboards giving a top speed of over 35 knots with 30 passengers. This is the first time the quad' outboard application has been successfully made work with high speed catamarans of this size with Suzuki outboards. Fuel consumption is surprisingly good with a total of 80 ltrs/Hr at 22 knots and 130 ltrs/hr at 28 knots. Click here for more information.


“Sea Cat 33” Number 7 delivered

December 2011 saw the delivery of the latest 33 Metre High-Speed Ferry “Peng Zing 12” Built by Wang Tak / Guangdong Hongshen in Guangzhou China. This Ferry is the second for the proud new owners. With this new version a few modifications were carried out and a new top speed of 28.5 knots was achieved with a full load (27.5knots cruise @90%MCR) with 2 x MTU 1080kw each and 260 Doen Waterjets. Click here to see more

“Sea Cat 33” Number 6 delivered

Mid-August 2011 saw the delivery of the latest 33 Metre High-Speed Ferry “Peng Zing 11” Built by Wang Tak / Guangdong Hongshen in Guangzhou China. This Ferry is the first of two for the proud new owners with the second due for launching in December 2011. The vessel meet to contact speed of 27.5 with a full load. Amazing considering powering is via only 2x 1080kw each. The well appointed vessel has excellent fuel economy and a very comfortable ride, offering owners and economical option to the tradition gas guzzling ferry’s of the past. In this version the owner has selected the Doen Waterjets.      Click here to see more

“Tusa 6” Looking good!!!






The sleek new “Tusa 6” design is now operational out of Cairns for Tusa dive out to the Great Barrier Reef. The "State of the art” Scuba Dive, high – speed catamaran was launched late July 2011

Click here to see more information about this vessel.

18m Whale Watcher Launched

18m whale watcher catamaranwhale watcher launch

The latest design to be launched is the Sea Speed 18.2 M Whale Watching Boat destined for operation in Port Macquarie. The vessel is currently being Sea-trialed and was constructed at Marine Engineering Consultants P/L on the Gold Coast.

Click here to see more information about this vessel.

New 12 m (44 pax) Glass Bottom Boat

Click here to see more information about this vessel.

Another successfully Sea Speed design for the tourist industry is this 12Metre aluminium Coral Viewer. the design was supplied in kit form, the vessel carries up to 40 passengers and allows for viewing of the underwater reefs without getting wet.

Another 2 units, 33M ferries launched 33m ferry under construction

Click here to see more information about this vessel.

The latest Sea Speed 33m passenger catamaran design built in China and has been launched Sept 2009. Preliminary Sea trials have shown good results. More information to follow.


"Sea Cat 36" 36m Ferry delivered.36 m ferry design profile36 m seacat design fwd view36 m seacat design dash36 m seacat design lower cabin36 m seacat design vip cabin36 m ferry design galley

                                 Click on the above photo's to enlarge images

Click here to see more information about this vessel.

"Ba Fang" is a Sea Speed 36m catamaran design built in China and was delivered in April 2009. This fuel efficient new high-speed catamaran ferry has proven to be a good solution for low cost operation with very low fuel burn. The loaded speed is over 27 knots which is very good considering she is only powered by twin MTU 16v2000 engines (1040 kw each).  A comfortable ride is achieved with the Sea Speed deep vee hulls also low vibration and the noise level are demonstrated on the main deck with readings of under 65dba.

This passenger space lay-out accommodates 194 Passengers on the main deck and 37 vip on the upper deck plus a private VIP room and 1 x 2 berth and 1 x 4 berth crew cabins.

Principal Dimensions   Length (loa) 35.60 Metres; Length (lwl) 33.12 Metres;  Beam 8.80 Metres; Depth 2.80 Metres; Draft 1.15 Metres; Class CCS (238 pax + 12 crew).

fuel 2 x 4000 ltr; Fresh Water 1 x 1000 ltr; Sullage 1 x 1000 ltr; Water Jets 2 x MJP 550.


24 M Live-Aboard New Wave Cat for W.A.

Seacat 24 design profileSeacat 24 design aft viewSea cat 24 design hull

Sea cat 24 design cabinSea cat 24 design GalleySea cat 24 design helm

                            Click on the above photo's to enlarge images

Click here to see more information about this design

"Sea Speed" have designed a 24 Metre overnight Dive/Cruise Catamaran called "C-Quest" for West Australian and Kimberly coastal services.  The vessel was launched February 2009 in Brisbane and is for Suba-Aqua Enterprises who are replacing their existing monohull vessel with this purpose designed and built craft. The design allows for seasonal tourist services and also a research workboat operations. The boat design features include a large aft' mini-sub platform, and capability for heli pad on the sun deck. C-Quest GA Plan

Powered by twin Detroit S 60 (740 h.p.) diesel engines through Prop/Shaft and Mini-keels the top speed is over 25 knots and fuel efficient cruising speed is over 20 knots at around 80 liters per hour per engine. Other features include Twin 40 kva Zenith generators, fully air-conditioned, 2 x 5000 ltr long range fuel tanks, Sun Roof. Principal Dimensions   Length (loa) 24.90 Metres Length (lwl) 24.90 Metres  Beam 9.00 Metres Depth 2.45 Metres Draft 1.75 Metres Class USL Code 2B (12 pax + 4 crew) 1D (52 pax + 4 crew)


Click here to see owners web page



New 42m/400 Pax Ferry For Shanghai

42 M passenger ferry profile42 m Seacat Design end view42 m Seacat Design end view

                              Click on the above photo's to enlarge images

Click here to see more information including a brochure.

"Dong Hai Lu Dai" was launched in December 2008 with excellent performance results. The 41.6 metre Seacat 400 pax high-speed catamaran features the super efficient seaspeed “deep vee” seacat hull and is a high passenger capacity commuter ferry for Shanghai waterways. Almost 300 passengers are on the lower deck with a comfortable seating arrangement of generous seat pitch and extra wide companionways. The area has a large servery/bar and the wash rooms are away from the seating. The upper deck is for 100 VIP passengers in a spacious saloon with three separate exclusive lounge rooms and boardrooms, featuring the latest in flat screen TVs and music systems. Powered by the twin MTU 12v 4000 engines (1740kw) and MJP 650 waterjets combination the full loaded speed is over 31 knots.

GA Plans For 41.6m Ferry

Length Overall :41.30 metres; Beam :11.72 metres; Depth :3.40 metres; Draft :1.15 metres; Type : Aluminium Passenger Catamaran; Class :China Classification Society Capacity :398 PAX Speed :31 Knots; Main Engine : 2x MTU12V4000M70 @1740kW; Gearbox :2 x ZF 4650
Waterjet :2 x MJP650DD; Generator :2x Dong Feng Cummins @100kW.



16m Aluminium Foil-Cat For Calypso Charters

15m Dive Cat design concept15m Aluminium Dive Cat as built 15 M Foil Catamaran        Click on the above photo's to enlarge images                                                                         

The new sea speed designed high-speed 16m dive catamaran project is complete. This vessel was desiGA For 15m Aluminium Catmarangned using the latest foil technology from Murray Burns and Dovell coupled with Seafury surface drives to give substantial increase in speed and fuel economy.

This is the fourth vessel designed for Calypso Charters. Previous vessels were Eclipse (launched 2004), Eclipse (launched 2006) and Calypso (launched 2007). Repeat customers like Graham Jones show how successful these vessels are in operation as well as the owner's satisfaction with the performance of the designs.

Click here to see more information about this vessel.                         

"Tusa 5" 24 Meter Dive Boat for "Tusa Dive"

Tusa V Aluminium Dive CatamaranTusa V Aluminium Dive Catamaran Tusa V Aluminium Dive Catamaran

                   Click on the above photo's to enlarge images                                                                                  

"Tusa V", a state of the art 24 meter day dive boat designed by Sea Speed was launched on Monday 27 Aug 2007 and has already started work in Cairns. It is powered by MTU Series 60s (496 kw @ 2300 rpm) providing super economical operation of around 80 liters per hour per engine at 20 - 21 knots cruising speed and over 26 knots top speed. This is 2 knots over the contract speed and the owners are very pleased with the vessel.Tusa V Dive GA Plan

Click here to see more on Tusa V

Click here to find more about Tusa Dive


Second Seacat 33 delivered for China/Hk service

Successfully completed sea trials for the second Sea Speed Sea Cat 33 design ("Xunlong 5") of two ferries to operate between Hong Kong and China the vessel was delivered on the 26th December 2007. Full load trial condition at 100% MCR Y2602 achieved 27.9 knots.Click here to see more.

Second 33m Aluminium Seacat profileSecond 33m Aluminium Seacat HelmSecond 33m Aluminium Seacat Helm2

Click on the above photo's to enlarge images

First 33 M Catamarans for Hong Kong/China

First 33m Aluminium Catamaran LaunchingFirst 33m Aluminium Catamaran Launching 233m Aluminium Catamaran Design Hull

Click on the above photo's to enlarge images

"Xunlong 3" High Speed Aluminium catamaran Launched August 2007- The 33 metre aluminium ferry designs (2 units for the Hong Kong/Shenzen Run) are based on the proven 33 metre high speed cat launched in China early this year.  Click here to see more.

These are the CMCS deep-vee, hard chine hulls which are proving hard to match in both performance and fuel economy.

Seacat 33 SZ Editorial Page 2 Seacat 33 SZ Editorial Page 1               GA Plan For The 33m Design


Click on the above two images

Fast Ferry International Review


Quick Cat II featured in the February-March edition of Imprint magazine

Innovative new design allows easier wheelchair access. Click here to view the article.

Click here to go to the Quick Cat web page.

Sea Speed designs three new Crew Boat Catamarans for Five-boat order.

Queensland based designer Paul Birgan of Sea Speed Design created quite a stir at the recent Asian Shipping and Work Boat Exhibition in Singapore, with the signing of a five-vessel crew boat contract. The designs and kits were completed to meet Lloyds SSC requirements to meet the challenging operational requirements of the operators in Kazakhstan. This included low draft vessels that would have minimum operating speed of 25knots and the capability to operate in rough seas.

For more photos and info on the construction click here to go to the Bue Page


18m Aluminium Crew Boat Cat in Sea trials 18m Aluminium Crew Boat Cat Hull Aluminium Crew Boat Catamaran Bue Tobol

First crew boat "Bue Tobol" in sea trials off Tangalooma, Moreton Island. 30 knots top speed which is 2 knots over original specification. Bue Tobol comfortably cruises on 25 knots.

For more photos and info on the 18m Crew Boats click here.

18m Aluminium Crew Boat Shipping18m Aluminium Crew Boat Shipping 2Baku construction Team

Baku Sea Trials 18m Crew Boat The high speed, low draft vessels were designed by the team at Sea Speed and built by New Wave Catamarans. Four 18 meter Crew boats and a 12 meter Crew Boat support Catamaran which are all currently operational in the Caspian Sea in east European waters. Three of 18 meter vessels were powered by a pair of Caterpillar C18 diesel engines through to a pair of Doen DJ220 water jets with the vessels having a cruising speed of 25 knots. The fourth 18 meter vessel had a pair of Caterpillar 3412E engine giving the fourth vessel a top speed of 32 knots.The 12 meter Crew boat was be powered by a pair of Caterpillar C12 Diesel engines, also coupled to Doen DJ140 water jets and had a cruising speed of 25knots. Loaded draft of under 500mm.

GA Plan od 18m Crew Boat Catamaran

GA plan 18m CrewBoat




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